An Interview with Dorumiru: Eating Decadent Parfaits with Your Eyes AND Your Tongue!

If Tatemachi can be described with one word, I think it would probably be "sweet"! There's no shortage of sweet shops and tapioca parlors along the promenade, each with their own spin and personality.

The fanciest one of all has to be Dorumiru, with the most decadent parfaits I have ever seen! These aren't your typical ice-cream-and-fruit affairs. These make you feel like a millionaire!

To learn more about these gorgeous desserts and the people behind them, I interviewed the shop manager, Jessica, a French native who now lives and works in the Kanazawa area.

How did you find yourself in Kanazawa, and how did you get started at Dorumiru? Did they happen at the same time?

When I came to Japan for the first time, I spent one month in Kanazawa with a host family. At the time, I was studying for the JLPT 3 (the 3rd level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

After that I applied for a working holiday visa and came back to Japan for one year. During my travels I met my husband, who is originally from Kanazawa. When we started dating, I came back to Kanazawa, and also during that time, I worked for Dorumiru for the first time as an part-timer. After leaving and coming again, I continued working for the same company.

How did Dorumiru begin, and how has it changed over the years?

Dorumiru opened only about four years ago. At first, it was mainly a guesthouse and the cafe also served as a common space. My boss decided to start making parfaits about three years ago and those became so much more popular than she expected.

Little by little the cafe became solely a parfait shop and we no longer used it as a common space for the guest house. We actually ended up closing the guesthouse last year to concentrate on the parfait shop.

Before you came to Japan, did you ever imagine yourself in your current position?

Before coming to Japan, my objective was to work in cultural international relations between Japan and France. It's so completely different from my work now.

What's the most rewarding part of your job? What's the most challenging?

The most rewarding part of my job would be the happy reactions of my customers when they see and eat the desserts, or when they say "Thank you!" with a smiling face while leaving the shop.

The most challenging might be the long hours of work, (and much fewer holidays than I am used to as a French person [laughter].) Before that I think getting used to speaking really polite Japanese for customers or learning the right words for my work environment was the most challenging.

What insight, skill or life lesson have you learned from your time at Dorumiru, if any?

Thanks to my job in Dorumiru, I have improved my Japanese a lot. I think it is also thanks to my coworkers, as they take the time to explain, teaching me correct sentences or vocabulary. Everybody is really nice, and they help me learn a little bit more everyday. Being the only foreigner in an all Japanese company, I felt I was in the best position for learning a lot about Japanese culture, their way of being or speaking with each other... Other than that, I did learn to prepare desserts, and it pushed my interest in new areas, like patisserie (pastries and sweets).

Have you spent significant time interacting with people in other districts and neighborhoods of Kanazawa, and how does Tatemachi differ, in your opinion?

Since I live just outside the city, I don't spend significant time in other districts or neighborhoods in central Kanazawa. However, I think that what makes Tatemachi unique is firstly its organization. The design of the street is really different from the Japanese style, with it being primarily a promenade.

And every season adds its own special details that make Tatemachi beautiful. You can see the mountains from it in winter and enjoy the outside tables during the warmer seasons. There are also so many little restaurants, bars and Izakayas around the area, that make it a source of never-ending discovery.

If there could be only one thought, feeling or experience people can take from a visit to Dorumiru, what do you hope that is?

I think just watching their reactions is enough to explain all the feelings I would like the customers of Dorumiru to have! We try our best to make each parfait as beautiful and delicious as possible. We get to see the “beautiful” in their reaction and the “delicious” in their thanks. I think I would like all of our customers to be able to experience that same excitement and satisfaction.

Dorumiru is located near the entrance to Tatemachi Street, close to Shin-tatemachi. For the best chance to get your choice of parfait, go early, and they stay busy and often sell out!

12:00 – 18:00 (closes early if sold out)

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