Tatemachi Shopping District in Kanazawa support each other during COVID-19

Since May 14th, Japan slowly started to lift the state of emergency due to the decreasing numbers of new COVID-19 infection cases. Kanazawa, a city in Ishikawa Prefecture was included as one of the locations with lifted measures in the early stages. Today, many stores have started to reopen with infection prevention measures. We're all hoping to enjoy our time outside of the house with appropriate social distancing and caution.

During these rough times, we've probably all spent more time thinking about the safety and wellness of others. Whether it's buying take out from a local restaurant you love, or launching a volunteer project to help struggling businesses, or sending kind messages for those in need, or just being there for someone in need. Whatever the action may be, we've all had to support each other during this pandemic.

Here at the Tatemachi shopping district, the Tatemachi Association supported the shop owners by providing masks and sanitizers. Looking back at centuries of history, the Tatemachi Association has supported its members during emergencies by providing food and extinguishing fires. This mentality of mutual aid still remains the core purpose of the association to this day.

One of the shop owners responded "We're very thankful. Although the accessibility to masks and sanitizers has greatly improved over time, we still don't know when this pandemic will end."

Currently, the Tatemachi Association is working towards creating standards for a safe and sanitary environment during this new era of living with viruses. We're all hoping that traveling will also become normal again and can't wait to see both domestic and international travelers come explore this beautiful city of Kanazawa and wander into the local shopping districts like Tatemachi... Until then, please stay safe. We're all in this together.