Tatemachi Street Concerts Continue to Bring Joy to the Summer Air

Despite the rainy season having already started, the sky was clear and beautiful just in time for Tatemachi's Street Concert on the afternoon of June 20th, the first live performance since the state of emergency was lifted in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Danielis Rubinas on the double bass and Zydre Ovsiukaite on violin serenaded the afternoon with lively classical pieces that carried through the air and along the street. "We want to re-energize Kanazawa through music," Ovsiukaite told the audience.

Their stage was the outdoor terrace of Kanazawa Music Bar, the first floor restaurant of Kaname Inn Tatemachi, Tatemachi Street's premiere hotel.

About 40 people were spread across the terrace in spaced out seating, with another 50 spread around street who'd come to listen or been called by the voice of the strings. Laminated place-markers were set around the area to help the audience practice social distancing. Even the performers wore face masks.


The hotel's owner felt grateful that people were willing to come to the outdoor event and noted that many passersby had stopped in their tracks. Chief Concierge Haruki spoke similarly. "It's as if they were hearing live music for the very first time."

After the hour-long performance, people spoke to the musicians, expressing enjoyment and gratitude for the event. Haruki also noted, "People wanted to shake hands or hug, but couldn't."  Nevertheless, a strong sense of warmth was in the air.

The duo will return Saturday, July 18th (or July 19th, should it rain) for a second concert with a slightly different atmosphere.

For the Tatemachi Street Concert, vol. 2, the event will be held in the evening, as the mid-days become warmer and warmer, with a theme of "¡Viva Argentina!" This time, dinner will be available for a limited number of people who make early reservations. Along with Argentinian music for the concert, dinner will include Argentinian dishes, modified to make good use of the region's seasonal ingredients. The dinner includes alcoholic drinks, pre-selected to pair with each course.

Regular seating for non-dining concert attendees is also available, but again, limited. Anyone wishing to attend the concert or dinner should call in advance for a reservation. English is accepted.

Tatemachi Street Concert, vol. 2:
¡Viva Argentina!

DATE: July 18, 2020 (Saturday)*
PLACE: Kanazawa Music Bar, terrace (in front of Kaname Inn Tatemachi)

   • dinner seating: 5:45 p.m.
   • general seating: 6:30 p.m.
   • concert: 7:00 p.m.

   • general: free
   • dinner: 7,000 yen (reservation required)

*In case of rain, the concert will be rescheduled to July 19 (Sunday).